Friday, December 2, 2016

Gratitude Award

Kate received the Gratitude award this morning at Good Morning Hosp  We are so proud of her.  Here is the email we received from Mrs. Doan on Thursday.  We are so proud of Kate!  And so thankful for an amazing teacher who loves our girl. 

Hi There!

Hope you are both doing well! Kate is just as wonderful as ever! J Each month we learn about a different character trait, this month we learned about GRATITUDE. Each teacher gets to choose the student in their class that they think shows this character trait to receive an award for that month. I have chosen Kate to receive the Gratitude Character Trait Award because there is just nobody else in our class that deserves it more than she does. She is always showing her appreciation, saying thank you, and does things for others when she doesn’t have to.  I love that she does things for others without expecting anything in return and even when they have not necessarily done anything for her, just simply because she wants to make others feel good. She is just amazing! So, she does NOT know that she will receive this award, it will be a special surprise in the morning at Good Morning Hosp. I wanted to let y’all know so that you could come if you were able to and see her get this award tomorrow morning. If you are not able to make it, let me know, and I will get a picture of her to send you. So lucky to have her!!!

Have a great night!

December 1

Happy December 1!!!!  I love this time of year and it's so fun making memories with the girls.

Camryn was excited to wear her new dress to school...

The 2nd grade teachers planned 12 days of Christmas for all the 2nd graders.  Day 1 was PJ day!  Kate was soooooo excited to wear her pjs to school.

We have been going to the orthodontist 2xs a week to get Kate's expander turned.  Today was our last visit.  We celebrated with a new beanie boo. 

Thanks JuJu for the Christmas PJs...

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Thanksgiving 2016

We hosted Thanksgiving this year.  It was our first time not to travel.  And we loved having JuJu and PaPa T here with us!

Parker injecting the turkey...
PaPa T helping Camryn put together this castle...
Little Turkeys cheering for the Cowboys!

She wanted to cuddle while she watched the parade...

Frying the turkey...

Turkey desserts!  Pretty sure this was Camryn's favorite part of the day...

After a week of no naps and slumber parties she finally crashed...

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November Catch up

I finally hit my 100th class at Pure Barre...
Trolls with the McCords...

Parker was out of town for the weekend so the girls got to sleep in our bed...

Sleeping sisters...

Checking out the Supermoon

When you go to a doctor appt, dentist appt, and orthodontist all in one day...ALL THE STICKERS!

Brynlee had impetigo and had to miss 4 days of school.  Sometimes you just need to be pampered!

Movie watching with my mini me...

CC came for a visit!

Awana Christmas Party

She is so proud of her toothless grin...

Mavs game with these fun friends!

We went to Parker's work and then had Shake Shack for lunch!

Love lazy days on Thanksgiving break...
Last swim for Kate.  She's decided to stop for now.

Brynlee's 1st tea party

My flower loving child!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Mystery Readers

Kate and I were the mystery readers in Brynlee's class.  It was so fun and such a fun surprise for Brynlee!!!  We dressed up as Piggie and Gerald and read 2 books. 

The second book had chipmonks in it.  Camryn "read" those.  She did great and was soooooo cute!

Brynlee's class...

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Let's Be Thankful

Camryn had her "Let's Be Thankful" program at her school.  She was a turkey in the program.  

Her class sang "Five Fat Turkeys"

When she spotted us...  She was so happy to be on stage and have all of us at her school!

"Five fat turkeys are we, we slept all night in a tree."

When the cook came around we couldn't be found, so that's why we're here you see."

She was the cutest little turkey!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

2nd grade Field Trip

Kate's class went on an Field Trip to the Frisco Heritage Museum.  After they went to the museum they got to go to Hope Park and have a picnic. 

Love time with my girl...