Monday, September 29, 2008

Kate Denise Hamilton is born!

I want to eventually print my blog so I thought I would go back in fill in some of the gaps (since I didn't start blogging until Kate was 9 months old).

Kate was due September 25, 2008. I went to the doctor on Thursday (my due date) to find out that I was still not making any progress. My doctor did a sonogram and guessed her weight would be 9 lbs. He basically gave me two options...schedule a c-section for Friday or wait it out through the weekend and most likely have a c-section on Monday. Parker and I decided to go ahead and schedule the c-section. Since it was the next day, he could not schedule me until 4 PM. Friday was the longest morning...I couldn't eat or drink anything all day. Parker went into work that morning and none of our family arrived until noon. I remember laying on the couch trying to sleep but I was too hungry and nervous. I had never had any surgery before so I had no idea what to expect with a c-section.

Ready to go back...
And then she was here!!! 4:35 PM!

8 lbs. 9 oz. of PERFECT!

I remember thinking she was the prettiest baby I had ever seen!

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures from the hospital...Parker was such a proud daddy!

Our sweet baby girl!

Our family of 3!