Friday, August 29, 2014

1 week down...

So we had a successful 1st week of Kinder. This was the note in Kate's binder today. I'm so thankful Kate is doing so well!

Our only "hiccup" was today. All week long she has been taking her lunch. They asked that they buy their lunch one day this week just so they would know how to go through the lunch line. So she picked pizza day which was today. Last night I put money in her account and she was so excited...especially since one of her friends bought ice cream and she Could. Not. Wait. to buy ice cream at school. Well I pick her up from school and halfway home she starts crying..."when I went to get my ice cream they told me I didn't have $ in my account". Since I put MORE than enough $ in there I knew this wasn't true. Sweet girl cried the whole way home and I was so confused. After MUCH research I figured out there are 2 for just a meal and another for the "extras". WHO KNEW!!!!  I felt terrible. Poor thing was so excited to get ice cream and got told NO!  So we are both figuring this kindergarten thing out. Ugh. We had an ice cream snack and there is now $ in both accounts and we are ready for our 3 day weekend!!!

I asked her later if she cried at school and she said "no, I didn't want to make any noise."  

Thursday, August 28, 2014


We are all still adjusting to our new routine.  Thursdays, Brynlee goes to school and Camryn stays with me.  Ready to go...
Everyone says Kate and Brynlee look alike but these 2 really look alike to me.  And now that Kate is in school I think they may become best buddies!
Camryn is probably having the hardest time adjusting. I've had to wake her up almost every day from her nap to pick up the big sisters. She fell asleep running errands at 9:20 this morning!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1st day of CLC

Today was Camryn and Brynlee's 1st day of CLC. 

 Camryn is getting so big!!!

They both had a great 1st day.  Camryn SCREAMED at drop off but they said she had a great day and SLEPT on her napmat!

And Brynlee's teacher said she was their "ray of sunshine" all day! 

And this cracks me up.  Especially the "when I grow up I want to be an adult."  I asked Brynlee about this and she said that she wants to be "an know, a Mommy, so I can wear earrings."

Day 2

Day 2.  I am not going to document every day of Kinder...I promise.  So far she has been great in the mornings getting up and getting ready!  Let's hope this continues.  She wanted a Tinkerbell bun for day 2! 


Today she walked in the school ALL BY HERSELF to the cafeteria.  There, she sits with her class and then their teacher walks the whole class down.  She was so sweet walking in.  I kind of got a knot in my throat.  She is so big and independent.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kate goes to Kindergarten!

 The big day is FINALLY here!

Kate woke up soooo excited and ready to go.  She was so cute!
 Her backpack is so big on her...
 We put the jitter glitter in her hair...which she LOVED!

Brynlee wanted a picture too.  She is still figuring this whole kindergarten thing out!  And of course she gives her BEST real smile in this one...
and a few more from my phone...
and off we went!  I LOVE that we can walk/scooter to school!
All ready to start the day!
Such a big girl! 

JuJu and PaPa T sent Tiff's Treats as an after school treat!  Kate had a great first day.  Her favorite thing was PE.  She said they "just practiced a lot of stuff."  I think they practiced walking in the halls, going to the bathroom, etc.  They sang a Gummy Bear song to get the wiggles out and read Curious George goes to school.  She was all smiles and ready to go back tomorrow!

Meet the Teacher at CLC

Today was Meet the Teacher for Camryn and Brynlee.  I didn't take any pictures while we were there but we took a few before we left...

Camryn sleeps on a nap mat this year...which should be interesting!  Brynlee was showing her what to do!
 Sweet girl is 19 months today.  (and she had a run in with the rod iron last night :( )

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Last week of summer...

Showing off their new pajamas..

Checking out her new playground at school...

Playing Mario with daddy!

One last play date before school starts..

We started with these 3 little girls and now we have quite the crew.

Back to school haircuts...

And a little play time at the mall...

Back to school bash with these sweet friends...

Kate reading to Camryn the night before Kinder...

We have had an awesome summer and are looking forward to a great school year!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014


Camryn.  When I looked through my phone pictures the other day I found a ton of her.  She is saying and doing new things every day.  She watches Kate and Brynlee and then just does what they are doing.  After most meals, she wipes her face with a wipe and then says "trash" and goes and throws it in the trash.  

Brushing her dolls hair...

Princess shoes...she was SOOOOO proud!

She loves to eat. And while we were at Great Wolf Lodge she got to go to Pappadeaux's with PaPa T and JuJu!

Her athletic shorts!!  So cute. 

Can't take your eyes off her. She is determined to keep up with the other 2. 

She wants to stand on the stool and brush her teeth All. Day. Long. If anyone goes in the bathroom she says "teeth" "stool". 

Hiding because she knows it is nap time. 

Oh Cam Cam!  You are so fun and exhausting all in one.