Friday, August 29, 2014

1 week down...

So we had a successful 1st week of Kinder. This was the note in Kate's binder today. I'm so thankful Kate is doing so well!

Our only "hiccup" was today. All week long she has been taking her lunch. They asked that they buy their lunch one day this week just so they would know how to go through the lunch line. So she picked pizza day which was today. Last night I put money in her account and she was so excited...especially since one of her friends bought ice cream and she Could. Not. Wait. to buy ice cream at school. Well I pick her up from school and halfway home she starts crying..."when I went to get my ice cream they told me I didn't have $ in my account". Since I put MORE than enough $ in there I knew this wasn't true. Sweet girl cried the whole way home and I was so confused. After MUCH research I figured out there are 2 for just a meal and another for the "extras". WHO KNEW!!!!  I felt terrible. Poor thing was so excited to get ice cream and got told NO!  So we are both figuring this kindergarten thing out. Ugh. We had an ice cream snack and there is now $ in both accounts and we are ready for our 3 day weekend!!!

I asked her later if she cried at school and she said "no, I didn't want to make any noise."  

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