Monday, September 28, 2009

More Party Pics

Karen and Jonathan (my sister and bro-in-law) got some great pics from Kate's party so I thought I would post some of them.

Family pic

I thought these were fun with the "1st" hanging down...

Mouthful of cupcake

Kate looking at the book from Aunt K and Uncle Jon

the Emma Doll
Look at that big smile.

We just got back from Kate's 1 year dr. appt. Everything looked great. We are so blessed that Kate has been so healthy this first year.
One year stats:
Weight: 23 lbs. 4 oz. (80%)
Height: 31 inches (100%)
Head: 18 (80%)
Dr. G told us that Kate is off the charts in height and could be around 6 feet tall!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kate's 1st birthday

Today, September 26, was Kate's first birthday. We had a great day celebrating her first year of life.

We woke her up with balloons and singing...

Then we went to the Original House of Pancakes for breakfast...a family favorite!

She had chocolate chip pancakes...and loved them.

the birthday girl with Daddy...

This afternoon we had our families over for a Cupcake Party. Here are a few of the decorations...

The Hamilton Family

Aunt Karen, Uncle Jonathan, Kate, Mommy, Daddy, JuJu and PaPa T

Uncle Bob, Aunt Katie, Mommy, Daddy, Kate, Aunt Ginny, CC, and PaPa Lon (and Bailey)

And Wendi and Jared

Birthday Cake Time!

Eating the cupcake...

Here are a few of the gifts...

Rocking horse...

The Corn Popper...every parent's dream gift! (Thanks Aunt Gin)

Cowgirl Boots!

Farm animal magnets...

And a wagon (and ride) from Crazy Aunt Katie!!!
What a great day!

One Year Portraits

Kate turned 1 today! Here are her one year portraits.

I will post party pics soon!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend at the Lake

This weekend we went to the lake with our sweet friends, Roger and Kelly Sappington, and their son Colin. The weather wasn't great for lake stuff but we still had a great relaxing time away!

Friday night we went to this great catfish restaurant, Stacey's. Kate had her 1st fried catfish and corn fritters...but I didn't take any pics of that:(

The Hamilton's and Sappington's after dinner...all a little full from the all-you-can-eat buffet!

Colin and Kate playing at the lakehouse.

Kate playing on the boat...
Parker and Kate on the dock...

Thanks Kelly and Roger...we loved the "Detour!"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sneak Preview

Kate turns 1 exactly 2 weeks from today. So today we went to Portrait Innovations to have her 1 year portrait made. We went there because they have a package for $9.95...but let's just say that we spent a LITTLE more than that.

We picked a couple of poses to print but we got a CD of all the poses.
Here are some of the pictures we didn't choose....

You'll have to wait til Sept. 26 to see the real (best) ones.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Kate got an early birthday present from her great grandma this past weekend. It is the "Little People Dollhouse" and she LOVES it. It is so fun to watch her "play." I know she doesn't understand fully what she is playing with but it is great to watch her concentrate and put the mommy, daddy and baby IN and OUT and IN...

Here are some pictures of her playing with the dollhouse...

On another note...Kate's hair is starting to grow more and the back. Sorry Kate, but I think you got your mom's crazy curly hair. Seriously, how young is too young to get her a CHI???

I made Kate a "bow board" for all her bows...Can you tell I've been in a crafty mood lately?

And finally, Parker gave Kate her first bathtime mohawk!