Friday, November 18, 2016

Mystery Readers

Kate and I were the mystery readers in Brynlee's class.  It was so fun and such a fun surprise for Brynlee!!!  We dressed up as Piggie and Gerald and read 2 books. 

The second book had chipmonks in it.  Camryn "read" those.  She did great and was soooooo cute!

Brynlee's class...

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Let's Be Thankful

Camryn had her "Let's Be Thankful" program at her school.  She was a turkey in the program.  

Her class sang "Five Fat Turkeys"

When she spotted us...  She was so happy to be on stage and have all of us at her school!

"Five fat turkeys are we, we slept all night in a tree."

When the cook came around we couldn't be found, so that's why we're here you see."

She was the cutest little turkey!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

2nd grade Field Trip

Kate's class went on an Field Trip to the Frisco Heritage Museum.  After they went to the museum they got to go to Hope Park and have a picnic. 

Love time with my girl...

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Phone Pictures

I feel like things have been crazy busy lately.  Not sure if it's 2 kids in elementary or just life with 3 kids and all that goes with that.  Anyway, I've been pretty good at keeping up with the "Big" events but it's actually these pictures that tell more the story of our everyday life. 

For my birthday last April, Parker got me 2 tickets to see Carrie Underwood. 
Dinner before the concert with Joanna...

We had pretty awesome seats!!!

My little buddy. 

Their new Hosp shirts!

She still needs a nap most days and it might be my favorite part of our day.  She's my little cuddler!
Kate ringing the bell at swimming...she moved up another level.

When you wake up so grumpy at school that the teachers just leave you alone and let your mom deal with you. 

Brynlee's first book fair.  I sent $ and she got to pick out whatever she wanted. 

When your dress twirls perfectly...

This sweet girl left the water on in the upstairs bathroom sink...which was already draining slow due to 3 girls and ALL their hair.  Needless to say the entire bathroom was flooded in less than 15 minutes.  On a Wednesday before school...

Saturday morning at the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin decorating...

Brynlee and her pumpkin for Kindergarten...

Parker trying to work from home...

Every week she asks when she gets to go to Kate and Brynlee's school.  She wants to be big so bad!

While Kate and Parker were away...

Post family picture queso...

Happy Halloween from my 3 candy lovers...
Brynlee and Bailey.  She gives this dog the most attention probably of all of us...
And just like that it's November...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

The girls were all "Riders" this year.  

 Kate was a Mermaid riding a seahorse.  Seahorses are her current favorite animal...
 Brynlee was a Princess riding a unicorn.
 Camryn was a Scuba Diver riding a dolphin.
Ready to Trick or Treat

Amy took this of Camryn...she was so fun!