Sunday, December 30, 2012

Playing Outside

Even though it is super cold, it hasn't stopped the girls from wanting to play outside.  They finally got to ride their new scooter/trike outside yesterday.

Kate waiting on Brynlee to catch up.  She loves her "hole-mutt" as she calls it!

Bryn is figuring out her new trike.  She can't quite reach the far pedal, but she is getting better at "Flintstoning" her way around...

Typical.  Daddy usually ends up carrying something home.

After our ride/walk around the neighborhood, they went straight to the trampoline!  We knew Kate would love it, but Brynlee loves it just as much. 

Can you tell Kate loves her scarf?  She wears it everywhere!

Friday, December 28, 2012

First Jump

Our Super Awesome Daddy spent yesterday afternoon and this morning putting together the girls trampoline from JuJu and PaPa T.  I should have taken pictures of them standing at the door watching him work in the freezing cold mist!!!  They could not wait to jump this afternoon even though it was 36* outside!!!

They jumped for over an hour!!!  Brrr!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Christmas!

Frisco had a White Christmas...but we weren't here.  But there was still a little snow left on the ground today when we got home. 

As soon as we got home Kate was begging to play in the snow.  So we bundled up before we unpacked the car!  She could not wait any longer.  (and we didn't have good snow shoes, so boots plus target bags had to work!)

I got this little one all bundled up, but unfortunately, this was as close as she got to the snow.  When I opened the door she said, "It's too cold" and then REFUSED to go outside.  No matter what we tried...she wouldn't go!  So she has still never played in the snow!

Meanwhile, Kate and Parker built a little snowman...

Brynlee would not even go outside to see it:(.  That girl marches to the beat of her own drum!

Christmas with the Moores

Christmas Day we drove to Shreveport to have Christmas with the Moores.

Singing "Away in the Manger"
The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head...

The stars in the sky...

Looked down where he lay...

The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay...

More presents!
JuJu and PaPa T got the girls a TRAMPOLINE!!! 

This was the first year Kate has really asked for things.  One of the things she wanted was a scarf, hat, and gloves.  Emma and Abby got this for her...she was thrilled!

Driving back home.  This little one was EXHAUSTED!

We are so blessed to get to celebrate Jesus' birthday with our amazing families!!!

Christmas Morning!!!

Christmas morning!!!  Even Camryn got a stocking!

Kate coming down the stairs!  She was so excited!

Hugging her new Jasmine doll...

more Princess dresses!

and her new scooter!  This was the first year she came up with ideas on her own. 

Brynlee wanted a baby doll...

Kate riding her scooter...

 Bryn on her new tough trike...

Checking out Quinn's train table!

Christmas Pajamas!

Once again...Reid was asleep.