Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bryn's 1st ponytail!

Brynlee's hair is getting long!  She has so much more hair than Kate did at this age.  I finally tried a ponytail...

Here is Kate's 1st pony...she was almost 2!

Besides their hair color...they look pretty similar in these pictures...

This was the summer Kate's hair turned we are anxious to see what Bryn's is going to do...right now it is still brown. 

They are definitely sisters!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Leach for Texas!

One of our dear friends is running for Texas House District 67.  We are sadly not in his district, so we can't vote for him...but we have helped at the polls a couple of times. 
Parker and Kate held signs during early voting last Saturday...
And this morning, the girls and I went again to hold signs in support of Jeff.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Kate LOVES Legos!  She got her first set for Christmas and plays with them everyday.  She has several sets now but she doesn't really like to follow the instructions...she prefers to "free-build."  She likes to build houses, cupcakes, cowboy hats...whatever she names her latest creation.  Her favorite person to play legos with is Parker.  They made this robot and she could not wait to show it off!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Belle

I posted a few months ago about Kate's love for Belle.  Well, a few weeks ago Brynlee got sick.  I won't go into details but it was bad and she was holding Belle in the process.  Belle's hair and clothes were covered in it and I did not think it was we had to throw Belle away.  Kate was a little bothered but handled it pretty well.  She kept looking at her in trash and asking why Brynlee threw up on Belle.  I told her we would get a new we did!  And when we went, they were buy one get one we got the Prince/Beast too! 

So now when we leave to go somewhere, Kate asks to take both.  And if Kate has Belle, Brynlee usually gets "Cinderwelwa."

Between dolls, necklaces and is quite the process to get out of the house...but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day of School

Today was our last day of school!

Here are the girls first and last day of school pics...

Brynlee...First Day August 2011
Bryn...Last Day May 2012.  She was pretty cranky before school. 
So we tried again after...

Kate...First Day August 2011
Kate...Last Day May 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Train Day

The last day tradition at CLC is all the kiddos (2 and older) get to ride the train!  Kate's teacher emailed us a photo of her class on the train...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mini Murph's

Monday,  I kept Mallory while her parents closed on their new house.  We got Mini Murph's (from Papa Murphy's Pizza) to eat for lunch.  Mallory and Kate had so much fun making their pizzas. 

Notice their were 2 little containers of cheese for each pizza...Kate ate one container while she was making her pizza, so her cheese pizza turned more into breadsticks with marinara spread on top:).

Each pizza comes with a we did those while the pizzas were cooking!

The mini murph's were a big hit!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Months of the "Ear"

Kate singing the months of the "ear" song from school.

Almost summer!!!!

We have one more day of school left. It is starting to feel like summer and I can't wait!!!
Friday I took the girls for their first swim this year. Kate was so excited!

Brynlee on the otherhand was a little skeptical...about her swimsuit, about the sunscreen...she was just a little cranky about the whole thing...
Once we got there both girls did great!  Kate went down the slide a few times and played in the water.  She wore herself out!

Brynlee splashed in the water.  She never got wet above her knees...but she had fun running around and stepping in the water.  When we were getting ready to leave she said, "I take a nap."  She was so tired and slept for almost 3 hours!

Saturday we gave Bailey a summer buzz!

We're ready for SUMMER!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Class O

Kate's teachers made this book for her.  It has the highlights from each month.  Kate loved looking through it and remembering her fun year at school!!!  Her teachers did an amazing job putting this together...
Here are some of my favorites...Teddy Bear Picnic.  I love how she is hugging her bear and eating her lunch.
 Thanksgiving Feast, dressed like a Pilgrim!  So cute!
 Kate dressed as Mary...Happy Birthday Jesus!
 Shaving Cream!  She talked about this for days after...
 Angel Pic...

All About Mom...she did pretty good!!!
And 768 years old and 789 lbs!
Kate's teachers each wrote her a super sweet note...
and finally, Kate's self portrait! 

Such a fun book!!!  We are looking forward to a great last day of school on Tuesday!

Baby Bible Stories

Today when I picked Brynlee up from her class they gave me this gift...

It is a book of the Bible stories they have talked about this year...with pictures of Brynlee to go with each one.
 The angel telling the birth of Jesus...sooo sweet!
 Daniel and the Lion's Den
 Jonah and the Whale

How sweet is that?  We read it before bedtime tonight!  Both girls loved it.


Brynlee is our little chatterbox!  She is talking more and more.  I feel like I have been way less intentional with her than I was with Kate (as far as working on her vocabulary) but she is talking in sentences now.  Kate gets most of the credit!  Brynlee just repeats Kate all. day. long.  If Kate says, "Shhh, my baby doll is sleeping."  Brynlee says, "Shh, baby's sleeping." 
Today I couldn't find one of her shoes and she walked all over the house saying, "Where's croc?" 
She sings full songs...Twinkle Twinkle; Jesus Loves Me, This Little Light of Mine.  Today she sang Deep and Wide...I had no idea she even knew that one. 

She counts to 10.  We play hide and seek with Kate almost every night before bed so she hears us count to 10 over and over and over.
When she wants to be chased or tickled she says, "I'm gonna get choo."
If you say, "Where are you Brynlee?" she says, "I'm coming."
She also likes to point to boo boos and say, "Boo Boo hurt me."
With all the cute things, there are also some negatives like "Do it all by self" when she wants to buckle her car seat or feed herself.  Or worse, when I say let's go change your diaper she says, "I don't like that."

The other funny thing about a younger sibling is she already knows who Belle, Cinderella and Nemo are.

Splash Day!

Today was Splash Day at school.  Kate has been talking about this for weeks!!!  She was so excited to wear her swimsuit to school and play in the water!

 Waiting patiently to go!
When I picked her up the first thing she told me was all about splash day!  She loved playing in the water with her friends!  And they got snowcones.  Kate doesn't really like snowcones.  When I asked her if she ate it she said, "I ate a little.  I just like the ice, but my friends liked theirs." 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 Kate and her baby doll...
 and their matching PJs!


We spent the morning at the park...trying to take advantage of these last few days of "spring."

Kate has FINALLY started swinging on the big kid swings.  She took 2 pretty big falls last year and hadn't been interested at all in trying again...until the last month or so. 

So much for Brynlee being my laid-back, easygoing baby.  I was trying to push both girls on the swing and everytime I left to push Kate, Brynlee would scream "PUUUUSHH."