Thursday, April 30, 2015

Frisco Fire Safety Town

Kate's class spent the morning at Frisco Fire Safety Town.  They learned how and WHEN to call 911.  And got to see all the tools on a Fire Truck. 

Then they got to go outside into a little Frisco town.  They learned how to cross a crosswalk and then got to drive through town. 
There is nothing safe about a bunch of kindergarteners driving! 

Mrs. Hahn (Kate's teacher got married a few weeks ago) and her class!

And so thankful for my sweet friend Amy who watched Camryn so I could go.  She took Camryn and Katelynn to Target and the mall!  So brave!

Cubbie Graduation

Brynlee had Cubbie Graduation last night. They had a little award ceremony in their classroom.  Brynlee has worked hard memorizing all her verses!
So proud of her ribbon!
Her Cubbie class.  And somehow we lost her vest.  Whoops!

And she got to meet Cubbie!

So proud of our Brynlee!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Phone pics

It's been a long time since I've gone through my phone pictures.  So these go way back and are super random!!!

Easter week...

Waking up is so tough. 

Duck tape night at AWANAS.  Her bow and bracelet are duck tape...

Ardyn, Brynlee, and Stella with their duct tape bows. 

This seemed better in my head than it played out. Feeding them lunch while I shopped. 

Making a "rocket ship"

Snuggling with these 3 after we got home from our trip!

Kate is such a sweet big sister. 
 This girl loves Bubbles!

Camryn found Kate's leotard and insisted on wearing it all morning!  "I go to gymnastics."

Kate is growing up...sometimes I think she looks so BIG!!!

Frisco had a Staff Development Day so we went to Urban Air Monday morning!

Mother's Day Tea - Brynlee

Today was Brynlee's Mother's Day Tea!  It's always such a fun morning and I love seeing Brynlee at school!!!  They sang a song and recited Psalm 139! 

She's been working hard on these crafts and I LOVE them!!!

Great morning with my Brynlee Bear!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Texas Bluebonnets

Texas's a tradition around here.  And it's been a few years since I've found a good field.  So I took the girls out this morning for a few their new dresses from CC.  And their rainboots since it stormed all night and it was pretty muddy!
 Camryn's look...

 The best I got of all 3...

 Brynlee was extra cooperative today!

 Camryn was NOT!  She was in NO MOOD for pictures or for me to put her down.

 As soon as I told her to walk back to the car, she stopped crying.  Stinker!

Happy Texas Spring!!!