Monday, April 6, 2015


Easter was a little different for us this year.  The past few years we have attended the Saturday night service with some friends.  But this year we were out of town until Saturday night.  We came home and Parker took Brynlee straight to the after hours doctor.  Another ear infection.  That makes 2 kids with ear infections right now.  Sooooo, we opted to stay home Sunday morning. 

 Kate, in Christmas PJs, with her easter basket.
 And Brynlee...she woke up feeling a little better.

Camryn slept til 9!!!  WHAT?  Not sure if our trip wore her out or if she is still recovering from her ear infection/allergies.  Kate and Brynlee waited NOT SO PATIENTLY to do our egg hunt.  It was raining so we did it indoors.  Parker had to help Camryn reach some of the high ones!
 Once she realized there was candy, she just sat down and ate.  She was happy with her few eggs!

 Checking out their eggs!

So there was no Easter dress picture this year!  This is the best we got!  Bunny ears and their new jackets from CC!

Even though Easter didn't necessarily look how we planned, we still had a great morning celebrating Jesus' Resurrection! 

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