Tuesday, July 30, 2013

6 month appt

Camryn had her 6 month check-up this morning!  She is doing great.  She is in the 75% in height and the 35% in weight. 

It's always fun to look back at Kate and Bryn in the same stage.

Kate at 6 months:
26 3/4 inches and 16 lbs 4 oz

Brynlee at 6 months:
25 3/4 inches and 14 lbs 11 oz

Camryn at 6 months:
26 1/2 inches and 15 lbs 6 oz

All 3 tonight before bed.  Love these sweet girls!

Saturday, July 27, 2013



She's our wildcard right now.  She constantly makes us laugh, makes us crazy, and always keeps us on our toes.  We never quite know how she is going to react to things.  She can be the sweetest, cuddliest, and most polite little girl...and then she also has this attitude and sassiness that we are working on daily!

I've been writing down a few of the things that she says just so I can remember.  So here are a few conversations with our Brynlee Bear:

Mommy:  Brynlee, Go to your room.
Brynlee:  No, Thanks!

Mommy:  You need to eat your sandwich.
Brynlee:  I don't think so.

One night Parker walked upstairs after the kids had been in bed for over an hour.  Brynlee comes bounding out of her room and yells, "FOUND YOU!"

Brynlee:  Mommy, I can't find my lambie.
Me:  Did you look in the doll bin.
Brynlee:  No, it's too hard for me.

One afternoon we were playing Hedbanz (the game).  Kate gets Sebastion the crab from The Little Mermaid.  After telling Brynlee for the millionth time "don't tell Kate who is on her card" Brynlee says, "oh, it's a crab."  I say, "Brynlee, you aren't supposed to tell her."  She responds, "but I was just talking about other crabs."

Kate and Brynlee were playing together.  Kate asked Bryn to share one of her toys.  Brynlee says, "You can have this one, but don't ask me for another one."

In totally unrelated news, this summer she has started going down our neighborhood slide all by herself and she LOVES it! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

6 months - Camryn

WHAT?!?  6 months already???

We attempted pictures in the morning but Camryn was ready for her nap by the time I got the girls dressed, ready, and cooperating...

DONE!  But I love how Kate is still smiling and looking at the camera!  It's taken almost 5 years but I've finally got one (mostly) trained to look at the camera.

Our sweet 6 month old!

She's found her foot...

Pretty girl...

2nd attempt after naps...

Camryn is still not sitting up but we are working on it...
We've started cereal and she eats every bite!  She can roll, but is not that interested.  She usually rolls from back to tummy and then straight back to her back and then she quits.  She is like Brynlee in that way.  Brynlee was never too interested in rolling.  She is a great night sleeper!!!  Naps are hit or miss depending on our days activities. 
Happy 6 months sweet girl!

Doc McStuffins

The latest craze in our house is Doc McStuffins.  The girls still love princess stuff but right now Doc McStuffins is the show of choice (over Curious George and Sophia) and their favorite thing to play. 
Anyone can be a patient...even Bailey!

But their favorite patients are each other...

Doctor can turn into Hair Salon at any minute.  They are kind of interchangeable around here...

And just for fun.  Somehow Kate talked Brynlee into pulling her around in the wagon!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hawaiian Falls

Tonight Kate and I got to have a special night out at Hawaiian Falls.  It was so fun hanging out with this sweet girl...

Pierce and Kate sliding...

She slid and slid and slid!!! 

Off they go...

Kate cracked me up.  She would slide and then swim to the end...

Snack break...Kate, Pierce, and Evie

Loved hanging out with my big girl!


We got our 2nd Kiwi Crate in the mail.  One of the projects in it were these sailboats.  The girls painted their sails yesterday.  This morning we put the sails on and they played with them in the water.  I think they liked painting them more than actually playing with them but it was something fun and different to do...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jack Carter

We went to Jack Carter this morning to swim.  This is one of our favorite pools!  Here are pictures from our morning...

Brynlee and Stella...


Kate loved this wheel...

Ardyn...or "Garden" as Brynlee kept calling her...

I just happened to catch this one on camera.  Brynlee tripped as she was sitting down and went head first down the slide.  Oops!

She came up smiling thankfully!
Such a great morning!