Monday, August 25, 2014

Kate goes to Kindergarten!

 The big day is FINALLY here!

Kate woke up soooo excited and ready to go.  She was so cute!
 Her backpack is so big on her...
 We put the jitter glitter in her hair...which she LOVED!

Brynlee wanted a picture too.  She is still figuring this whole kindergarten thing out!  And of course she gives her BEST real smile in this one...
and a few more from my phone...
and off we went!  I LOVE that we can walk/scooter to school!
All ready to start the day!
Such a big girl! 

JuJu and PaPa T sent Tiff's Treats as an after school treat!  Kate had a great first day.  Her favorite thing was PE.  She said they "just practiced a lot of stuff."  I think they practiced walking in the halls, going to the bathroom, etc.  They sang a Gummy Bear song to get the wiggles out and read Curious George goes to school.  She was all smiles and ready to go back tomorrow!

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  1. Jitter Glitter?! SO stinkin' cute.