Friday, August 22, 2014


Camryn.  When I looked through my phone pictures the other day I found a ton of her.  She is saying and doing new things every day.  She watches Kate and Brynlee and then just does what they are doing.  After most meals, she wipes her face with a wipe and then says "trash" and goes and throws it in the trash.  

Brushing her dolls hair...

Princess shoes...she was SOOOOO proud!

She loves to eat. And while we were at Great Wolf Lodge she got to go to Pappadeaux's with PaPa T and JuJu!

Her athletic shorts!!  So cute. 

Can't take your eyes off her. She is determined to keep up with the other 2. 

She wants to stand on the stool and brush her teeth All. Day. Long. If anyone goes in the bathroom she says "teeth" "stool". 

Hiding because she knows it is nap time. 

Oh Cam Cam!  You are so fun and exhausting all in one. 

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