Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Week

It's Valentine's Week!

These were Kate and Brynlee's or Kate and Emma's.  Either way, they both had them in their closets so they wore them to school on Tuesday!


Brynlee and Camryn!

Wednesday, Kate took her Valentine box to school.  This was all her idea...a palace pet castle!

Wednesday night was Valentine Party's at Awanas!  The girls and Stella...

Thursday Camryn and Brynlee had their Valentine Parties at school. 

Best picture I could get of both of them.  Camryn's shirt is wet from brushing her teeth.

Going through their bags after school...

CC and Papa Lon sent POPCORN!

Friday was Kate's Valentine Party.  Ready for school...

Friday night we took the girls to Cheesecake Factory for dinner!

This little one LOVED the cheesecake!

Fight for the last bite!

It's been a fun long week!

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