Friday, September 11, 2015

The Break

The last night I was on my trip, Parker called and said Camryn broke her leg jumping on our trampoline.  They went to the ER and it was a broken tibia and fibia. They sent her home in this splint...

Sweet girl!!!  There's nothing worse than not being able to hold your baby when she is hurting.

My dad sent me this Sunday morning...

And this.

I was so ready to see this sweet smile when I got home. She was such a trooper.

But it was pretty sad when she mostly wanted to just lay on the couch with her princess pillow and blankie. Coloring was about the extent of her activity.

Bailey checking on her...

Tuesday morning we saw a children's orthopedic dr and she picked out this pink cast. And as Brynlee said, "that's beautiful."

So for the next few weeks our house looks like this...a sling and a cast.

She is slowly getting more mobile...

But it is tough being the little sister with a broken leg when you have two big sisters to drive around.

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