Saturday, October 10, 2015

Western Week - Brynlee

It was Western Week in Pre-K.  Brynlee was so excited to wear her Pink light up cowgirl hat CC brought us months ago.  She was less than thrilled to wear jeans.  I spent a lot of time talking her into wearing her jeans instead of a dress.  Helps that her western shirt was pink with sparkle.  This sweet girl is a mess!!!

Ms. Lacey with Brynlee and Addie.  These 2 girls are inseparable at school.

On Tuesday their class ate marshmallows by the campfire...

Thursday was Western Day AND her birthday!
Ready for another fun day at school!

She came home with all sorts of crafts...Stick Horse, Handprint Bandana, and a Cowboy hat!

They had a Chuck Wagon lunch on Thursday...

Horse Races

Such a fun week at school for Brynlee!

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