Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bill's Funeral

We got a call on the morning of Christmas Eve that Parker's grandfather, Big Daddy Bill passed away.  The funeral was December 29.

This was the first funeral that our girls have attended and needless to say they had a lot of questions...about how he got to heaven, what do you bury if he's in heaven, etc.  We had a lot of good conversations over the past few days.  The burial was before the memorial service.  We had the option to stay and watch the actual burial.  We weren't planning on staying but Brynlee begged.  So we stayed.  The girls were super intrigued by the entire process.

After the burial we went back to the church for lunch and to hang out until the Memorial Service.  The kids did great but we finally gave them a phone to watch to a movie.

Glad to know I'm raising a lady...

Ready for the service...

Parker spoke and did an AMAZING job.  So proud of him...

We left straight from the funeral to come home.  The girls had been away for 10 nights, 2 Christmases, and a funeral...they were EXHAUSTED!!!

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