Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bye Bye Tonsils and Adenoids

It's crazy to think in Kate's short 7 years she's now had 2 surgeries. And as much as both of them have been what's best for her long term, it doesn't get any easier. Thursday, January 14, Kate got her tonsils and adenoids removed.

Waiting for surgery prep.

Brave Kate and her lambie...

They gave her the "juice". She started singing while coloring. She was sooooooo laid back. 

These are her tonsils. They are double what they were supposed to be. They also took out her adenoids which were blocking 60% of her nasal breathing. 

Coming out of anesthesia was terrible. It took 3 nurses to hold her and calm her down. When we got to her she was pretty upset. It was so sad. She tried to take her gown off and her IV out.  Just today she saw this picture and said, why is my gown off?  She has no memory of any of that part, thankfully. 

Snuggling her lambie...

Anxiously watching the moniter. 

When we got home, she wanted all her beanie boos. And Jacob brought her his blanket and sweet. 

A little smile...

Katie sent her a beanie boo to make. 

Kate basically ate ice cream, milkshakes and yogurt for days...

JuJu and PaPa T sent cookies and ice cream. 

Lots of snuggles...

So proud of our brave girl!!!  She's been such a trooper. Praying that we see the benefits soon.

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