Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Phone Pics

Parent Observation day at dance. Brynlee and Emme

When the person at Costco draws you in the back of the receipt. She looked at it and said, "look, that's Cameyn!"

My buddies while Kate is at school. 

Enjoying just getting 1 ready for school. Next year there will be 2 to get out the door by 7:30. 
Friday night movie night. 
When you run errands with Daddy and forget your shoes...thank goodness for Payless. 
Loving our new landscaping. 
Storm anxiety. She's been in a constant state of duck and cover. 

Sweet friends. Brynlee is going to miss Addie next year. 

And Caroline. 
While Kate and Parker were camping we went swimming...
With friends. And it was Freezing!!!
They can be so sweet. 
She is loving our landscaping...
Happy birthday Andrew!!!
Snug as a bug...
My little shopping buddy
Trying hard to finish the book before bedtime...
We got our first azalea bloom...that little pink spot by her knee. 

Memorial Day

Brynlee and Camryn crashed on the way to swim. 

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