Sunday, September 25, 2016

Playing catch up...

The best part of school starting is the occasional lunch with this guy...

2 of Kate's current faves...sea horses and these mosaics.

Movie night...Camryn couldn't quite make it through...

We found Brynlee in Kate's room on the floor.
Finally got Camryns haircut and she let them dry it.

She's so big!!!
While the big girls are at school, we play ALL the games. This is her legitimately beating me in Monopoly.
 Camryn's puzzle piece for CLC.

Lunch with my kindergartener...

When you can't stay awake on the walk to get your sisters...

Ball pit fun!

Katelynn's Beauty Parlor party...

When 3 year olds do their own make-up...

Brynlee is suddenly into drawing everything. This is Tinkerbell.

Sweet Camryn was super sick and missed a week of school.

Kate and Jacob playing scrabble after school.
It took forever for her to kick this sickness.  This is pretty much what we did for a week.

City House Gala. So much more fun with friends.

Parker and I won the HUGE raffle. It was so fun!  We never win anything.

I thought Amy and I were going to have to UBER home so Parker could fit the TV in the car.

Finally better!!!

Brynlee's first sentence. She was so proud.

Dot day at school.

Lunch with my 2nd grader.

Happy birthday JuJu!!!

JuJu brought Kate and Brynlee's birthday gifts. Camryn felt a little left out.

Her pouty face.

Kate loved her new necklace.
Brynlee's best buddy, Addie, from Preschool. She was so happy to see her!!!

Hot sweaty mess.
 How dirty is our trampoline?

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