Sunday, February 23, 2014

What a week!!

Last week was a little out of our norm.  We have had a pretty healthy winter.  Minus Kate getting a 12 hour stomach bug we have stayed pretty well.  Monday I took Camryn to the doctor to find out she had a double ear infection that had backed up into her eyes (pink eye).  So we got meds and eye drops for her.  Tuesday, Brynlee came home from school and I noticed that same gunk in her eyes.  Her doctor called in the same eye drops for her.  As soon as I got home from the pharmacy she started crying that her ear hurt.  So off to the after hour clinic we went...ear infection for her too.

Wednesday morning Parker and I flew out to San Diego.  The view from our room!

Parker played Torre Pines Thursday morning. His buddy took this picture...

Thursday night was the Chairman's Club dinner.  So proud of this guy!!!
Friday we played in the city.  We ended up in La Jolla for dinner.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

The sea lions were on the shore!  So cool!

Friday, Kate started running fever.  CC took her to the doctor Saturday morning...STREP!!!
So CC was home giving meds to all 3!!!

Sunday morning we took CC and Papa Lon to our favorite breakfast place...5th Street Patio Cafe

So thankful to CC and Papa Lon for taking care of our sickies while we were gone.

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