Saturday, March 1, 2014

Q and U wedding

Kate got to go to a wedding at school on Tuesday.  Q & U got married!  If you ask Kate why, she'll tell you because "they are best friends for life."  All the kids dressed up for the occasion.  Her friend AJ was the letter Q and Dia was the letter U.  The rest of the class sat through the ceremony.  They talked about all the letters with QU together.  After the ceremony they ate cupcakes and drank lemonade, then they blew bubbles at Q & U.  Such a cute idea! 

All dressed up...

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  1. This must be a preschool thing - to have a wedding. Because last week in Harper's class they had a wedding for Doogie and Molly (2 stuffed dogs) in their class. They learned about proper manners at a wedding, receptions, etc. So funny!