Friday, March 21, 2014


We spent a few days of our Spring Break in Houston.  I've been wanting to take the girls to the Houston Rodeo for a while.  It's the largest rodeo in the nation.  CC, Papa Lon, and I took Brynlee, Kate, and Quinn.  Katie stayed home with Camryn and Reid!

 All ready to go...


Brynlee kept calling the rodeo "the video."  She couldn't wait to see a "pink piggy."  Thankfully we saw one pretty quick!
 Petting Zoo...there were animals EVERYWHERE.  Llamas, sheep, chickens, kangaroos, goats. 

 Brynlee loves baby animals!

 Feeding the llama!

Then we headed to the birthing center.  These animals had babies within the past few days.  There was even a cow born 3 hours before we were there.  It was pretty cool!


 These were chickens about to hatch.  Pretty cool to watch them try to peck their way out!
 One little guy made it out.  The girls LOVED this part.

Quinn loved the tractors...

We also did "Fun on the Farm."  They gave the kids buckets.  Then they got seeds to plant and water.  They got to put the food they grew in their baskets.  They fed chickens, sheared sheep, milked cows, grew corn, and then took it to the farmers market.  At the farmers market, they got $$.  Then they took their $$ to the store and bought a snack.  Pretty fun! 

 We finally made it to the RODEO!

 Such a fun day!

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