Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life Lately

Kate got to be the star student this week!  That means she was the teacher's helper passing out things and picking them up.  She got to make a poster and tell all about it.  And she got help with the trash cans at lunch.  One excited little girl!
Her poster she made!
Brynlee wanted to make one too. Sometimes I think twins would be easier!
It rained a lot this week. The girls were so excited to wear their rainboots from JuJu!

Brynlee's favorite thing to do when Camryn is napping...Pretty Princess game!
Thursday morning after a late night at AWANAS is hard!  Nothing like a 9:30 AM nap!
I chipped a tooth. Camryn was a trooper at the dentist while I got it fixed. She sat in my lap and ate the whole time...and wasn't phased by the noises. 

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