Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick or Treat!

 It was a FROZEN Halloween for us this year.  The girls went as Elsa, Anna, and Olaf...

Warm Hugs!

Queen Elsa!  She REALLY wanted an Elsa Wig...this one was terrible and lasted for the pictures.  Then she took it off and wore a tiara the rest of the night!
 our little Olaf!
 She LOVED her costume and wore the hood almost the whole night!
 Our neighbors!  The Wyatt girls were Elsa, Anna, and Olaf too.  Aubrey wasn't feeling good so this is one of the few pictures she is in!
 Kate and Macy were both Elsa, Brynlee and Ava were Anna, Izzy was Catwoman, Lexi was a cheerleader, Jacob was a policeman, Drew was a fireman, Katelynn was a cabbage patch kid, and Sophia was the Huntress!

 The Wyatts and Hamiltons (minus Aubrey)...
 the Olafs...

a blurry attempt at the Olafs...

Kate loved running in to friends from school!  Hannah and Kate (both Elsa)!

Camryn walked the whole time.  She LOVED trick or treating.  I don't think she even knew it was candy.  She would just go to the door, get what they handed her and give it to Parker to put in her bucket! 

Brynlee and Ava stuck together most of the night!

When they were done trick or treating they handed out the rest of our candy!

Such a fun night!

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