Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2 year stats - Camryn

We had Camryn's 2 year appt today!  She is doing great!  She is an active, healthy, chatty 2 year old! 

Her stats:
Head: 19.3 (83%)
Height: 36.3 inches (96%)
Weight: 30 lb 8 oz (92%)

She continues to be as tall as Kate was.  EXACTLY. 
Kate was 36.3 inches and Brynlee was 36 inches.
Kate was almost 34 lbs and Brynlee was only 29. 

So thankful for a healthy little girl!

But we have definitely entered "THE 2's"
She is DETERMINED to keep up with her sisters.
And likes to do it herself.  Even if its not the safest...
She's getting pretty good at games too.  She likes the matching game and Crazy 8's!  She's actually pretty good at following directions and taking turns. 

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