Thursday, January 22, 2015


The flu is no joke.  As if the actual Flu isn't bad enough, the recovery is slow.  Low energy, headaches, cough, ugh.  But we are recovering...all of us.

The girls made it to school last Thursday and haircuts after school. If you schedule your next appointment you get a free polish. Jackpot!!!

Kate really wanted them to straighten her hair. She's been talking about it for days. 
She loves how different it feels!!
So proud!!!

Morning hugs for Bailey!

Camryn asked to watch "Frozen!"  She sat like this for about 30 minutes. 

I got the flu on Sunday. :(. And Camryn has double ear infections so we took it easy Wednesday. Brynlee asked to play games. So we played Crazy 8's. Camryn surprisingly sat through the whole game and played my cards for me. 
She was so serious. 
Here's hoping everyone is better soon. 

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