Thursday, May 14, 2015


The Shops at Willow Bend has a Butterfly Exhibit for the week.  I took the girls after school to check it out.  My bug loving, butterfly chasing girls were in heaven!  We'd only been in there a few minutes and one landed on Kate...

 We each got a Q-tip dipped in Red Gatorade.

 That's 2 butterflies on Camryn's Q-tip.

 By the end, Kate was a pro!
Camryn liked to swing her Q-tip around so her butterflies never stayed too long.  But they did like her shirt...
 and her hair!
 Watching all the butterflies!

The girls had a blast!  Camryn was getting a little restless and a little rough so we left but Kate and Brynlee would have stayed for hours!  So fun!

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