Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day!

We started Mother's Day in our closet with tornado sirens going off at 7 am. I was getting ready for church and had to drag all 3 girls out of bed.
And yes, Bailey was there too. She has become so scared during storms.
The sirens stopped and we got ready for church...
Parker helped the girls make aprons for all of us!  (Camryn was covered in guacamole after lunch so her dress went straight to the wash.)

Kate is in the "bunny ear" phase!
Kate made this book for me at school. 

"When I shout 'boo' it scares her so much"

"She plays with me a lot and she sit with me a lot too"

"Swim with me and I love it when she plays with me and when she cooks dinner"

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