Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2 1/2 - Camryn

Camryn had her 2.5 year appt today.  We never had a 2.5 appt with the other 2 so I guess this is a new thing.  There were no shots...they just checked her developmentally!  Our little chatterbox and keeper upper with 2 big sisters passed with flying colors.  There was one little hiccup.  They laid her down on the toddler growth chart and she was too long!  It stopped at 39 inches and she was literally OFF THE CHARTS.  So they just guessed on her height.  At 3 years, they start standing up for the growth chart!  Sweet girl...she might catch Brynlee in the next 2 years.  We will see.

At 2.5 years her stats are:
Weight 31 lbs 9 oz (91%)
Height 39.5ish inches (over 99%)

It's been a long time since I pulled out my camera to take pictures so I did a little photo shoot before her nap.

Dr. Guetersloh wrote "Giant" under her physical exam!  We love you Camryn!

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