Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July in Houston

These 2 love a good car nap...
Meeting baby Vonn
Kate's turn

The girls basically swam for 3 days straight.  With a few snack breaks...

 This was Brynlee's first time with no floatie.  She did AWESOME!!!

 Sweet Reid!

 Bailey, Hank, and Jackson got some pool time too...

 Vonn duty...

Movie night
Garth Brooks
Garth and Trisha

Fun night with the Schleiders and Wileys

Can't get enough of this little guy

 CC and Papa Lon with the grandkids...Kate (6), Brynlee (4), Quinn (5), Camryn and Reid (2), and Vonn (1 month)


 Oldest and the youngest
 Debbie and the kiddos
 The whole gang...

 Schleider boys...

Roman candles with Carter

Unplanned Twinkies

 Kate and Camryn

 Uncle Carter is always in charge of the fireworks...

 Kate LOVES fireworks!!!

 Always such a fun week at CC and Papa Lon's!!! 

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