Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance

Yesterday was the Daddy Daughter Dance in Frisco.  They do this every year but this was the first year for the girls to attend.  Parker bought them roses!  They loved them!!!

Camryn is not old enough and she was not happy she didn't get to go.  After I got the girls all ready she ran to her closet and said, "Can I wear this dress?"  Sure, baby girl.  Then she went and found Brynlee's shoes or as Camryn called them all night, her glass slippers.
 All ready to go...

We went over to a neighbor's house to take pictures.  Kate, Ava, Izzy, Macy, Sophie, and Brynlee...
 Camryn snuck in a few pictures...
 And didn't want to get out!

 The dads with their girls...Hamiltons, Wyatts, and Richards!

 Brynlee and Parker
 Kate and Parker
 Camryn and I stayed over at Brooke's with Aubrey!
 Sweet friends!
Love these girls and so thankful for awesome neighbors who have lots of girls too!!!

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