Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend in Houston

The girls and I took a roadtrip to Houston for the weekend.  Lonnie, Parker, and Robby were all at the Masters and Carter was out of town so we had a girls weekend plus kids and dogs!

As soon as we got there we had a gender reveal for Ginny's baby...

The kids were Team Blue (Kate, Quinn, Reid and Vonn) vs Team Pink/Purple (Brynlee and Camryn)

 It's a GIRL!!!!

Kate and I went to Quinn's 8 am soccer game!
These 2 are a MESS!  Camryn is still in her PJ's and her crocs are on the wrong feet...always....
Who Knows???

We swam most of the day on Saturday...

Nothing increases your prayer life like your kids doing tricks!!!



Popsicle break!

Brynlee and Kate with Vonn

CC and the grandkids

I took a few pictures of Vonn...

Breakfast!!!  All squeezed in at the bar!

Sunday swimming!

When we went to leave my tire light was on.  I had a nail in my back tire.  SOOOOOOO off to goodyear we went.  Csmryn fell in the parking lot and scraped her knee.  So she wasn't happy.

Kate was tired and sad we were leaving CC's and annoyed we had to stop to fix the tire...

Brynlee was also annoyed about the stop....

Nothing like having to fix a tire with 3 kids and a dog.  But we made it!

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