Friday, April 1, 2016

The "L" word

This has been my nightmare since our kids were old enough to be in school. I never had it as a child but know so many families that have. Well, it finally hit us. Kate started complaining that her head itched last week. After 2-3 days I got a kit and checked her.  And I didn't find anything. Well on Thursday I saw one on her brush. Oh. My. Word. My stomach dropped. I checked the other girls and found some in Camryn's hair but none in Brynlee's. We spent the day getting checked and treated. Brynlee was the only one Lice free. Well, Parker is out of town...lucky guy!
So it happened. And we are dealing with it. And cleaning all the things. We are going to make it. Although at times today I wasn't sure. Nothing brings panic like bugs in your hair. And kids who like to tell everyone they see that they had bugs. 

Hopefully we are one and done for the "L" word. 

And maybe one day we will look back at this and laugh. But for helmets are in the freezer and tea tree oil is in our hair.

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