Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Phone Pics

Sister slumber party during Spring Break. 

We took the girls up to the pond to fish but they would rather play at the park. So Parker was the only one fishing...see that blue spec in the back...

Cam Cam!

JuJu came for a visit. She brought a sewing kit for Brynlee. 

Kate and the boys playing basketball after school. 

Kate moved up her first level in swimming!!!  So proud of her!

Brynlee has been begging Kate to check this book out at the school library. 

So animated. Love her!

Kate loves my "blardigan" (blanket cardigan). She wanted to snuggle in it with me!

Snoozing on the way to soccer!

I think she's ready to play...

This sums up Brynlee's soccer season...zoned out. For now, this is not her thing. 

How I found Brynlee...

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