Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Super Tuesday

Well, Spring Break is over and we are back to doing ALL the things.  

Guess who had Western Day today?


I'm a little biased but she is the cutest little cowgirl!

I bought Brynlee this dress at Costco.  She asked to wear it today and all morning walked around saying, "Thank you Mommy for my beautiful dress."  "I love that it has sparkles on it."  "It is so beautiful."  "Thank you Mommy."  I'm pretty sure buying her new dresses is her love language.  

We gave Kate several choices for a spring sport....basketball, volleyball, and golf.  On her own, she said she wanted to swim.  So that's what she's doing.  She has always been a little fish, but this is her first time to do formal stroke lessons.  I love her little uniform...

We ended the day picking brackets for March Madness.  Parker taught Kate about the rankings but Brynlee and Camryn still picked by mascots.  I don't know that it gets much harder for Brynlee than having to pick between Rainbow Warriors and Wildcats!

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