Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Phone Pics

Girls lunch with these awesome neighbors!

Football night at Awanas

Love watching her play...

Basketball pics

Sick baby

Kate had 4 teeth pulled at the dentist to make more room in her mouth

Entertaining the 3 year old at Kate's tonsil follow-up appointment

Bailey had an ear infection

My buddies and their beanie boos

Snack break

Girls weekend at the lake

She loves her new bracelets...she won't take them off

Practicing her cursive letters

Officially a lefty!

Camryn has started trying to dress herself...

They love rainy days

Determined to carry ALL the things...

7 years apart...she still loves her Lambie
We voted!

We haven't really had a winter.  Loving this early spring weather!

My loves!!!

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