Thursday, March 10, 2016

Horseback Riding in Broken Bow

Sunday afternoon we went Horseback Riding.  We had no idea what we were getting into.  We thought it would be just riding through the woods for about 45 minutes.  Little did we know we would be going up and down hills and through the river.  But it turned out to be so much fun...and a little stressful with a 3 year old!

They took our picture as we went through the first field.  Kate was with a guide named Rose.  Her family owned the place and they all lived in houses on the land.  Parker had Camryn on a buddy saddle and I had Brynlee on a buddy saddle.  The other guide in the back was Greg.  

It was perfect weather!!!

These are the pictures I took horseback riding.  Camryn and Parker.  This is how she wanted to ride the horse.  She hated that she couldn't see around Parker...

She kept sticking her head under his arm which made her lean.  Greg and I were constantly yelling, "Camryn is too far to the left.  Camryn is too far to the right."

In the woods...

It's hard to tell but we were on a cliff overlooking the Glover River

Thank goodness we moved Camryn to the front to cross the river!  It was so deep my feet were soaked!

Brynlee's thoughts on crossing the river.  She was a little nervous!

Crossing again...

Parker's horse stopping to drink...

Camryn about to lose her shoe.  She was a mess!

Then we went through this creek.  Parker's horse decided to go out of the creek, up a mud path, and then JUMP back into the creek!  Wowza!  Greg kept telling me, "just stay in the water, just stay in the water!"

River Man Trail rides was definitely an adventure!

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