Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday

We had a fun and busy Good Friday. It started with Camryn and Brynlee's swim lessons. Camryn told me last week she didn't want to do that again!  And she wasn't thrilled about it to start with but came around and even swam to the step one time.

Brynlee is doing so well that had her doing laps to burn some energy!  Ha!  She is crazy in the water. 

We dyed Easter eggs for the first time ever. Not sure why we've never done this before. Brynlee had a little attitude about waiting. I've decided to try to capture more of Brynlee's looks. 
 And in typical fashion, her egg was taking too long to change colors so she started playing on the floor. Her quote, "you just do it. You know I don't like waiting!"

Ta da!  Our princess castle Easter eggs!

This evening I took the girls to see the Tulip field in Pilot Point. It was pretty disappointing. Most of the tulips were picked or gone. Camryn fell asleep on the way there and woke up like this...

Brynlee on the other hand was in her happy place. She could walk through flowers all day!!!

I did not pose her. She did this on her own. 

A few more from my camera.  


 Camryn was not feeling it!

Best picture I got of all three...

On our way home from the tulips we stopped by the crosses at Newman Village. They are up all year but I wanted the girls to see them. 

Such a great visual of Christ's sacrifice on this Good Friday!

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