Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dr. Seuss Day

Today was Dr. Seuss day for Brynlee and Camryn.

Brynlee (after MUCH deliberation) chose to go as Thing 1 and Camryn chose to go as the Cat in the Hat.
 I mean, how cute are they???

Brynlee's face.  I get this alot!

 Thing 1 pretending to be scared of The Cat in the Hat
 Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
 Camryn as The Cat in the Hat

 Brynlee as Thing 1

A little photo booth at school...

Brynlee made this Cat in the Hat at school

Camryn's Fox in Socks

From Brynlee's teacher: Seussical Chairs

Her class!!!  Such a fun day!

Pictures from Camryn's teachers.  Making Oobleck

All the Cats in the Hats from Camryn class with Mrs. Traci
Camryn's class...

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