Friday, December 2, 2016

Gratitude Award

Kate received the Gratitude award this morning at Good Morning Hosp  We are so proud of her.  Here is the email we received from Mrs. Doan on Thursday.  We are so proud of Kate!  And so thankful for an amazing teacher who loves our girl. 

Hi There!

Hope you are both doing well! Kate is just as wonderful as ever! J Each month we learn about a different character trait, this month we learned about GRATITUDE. Each teacher gets to choose the student in their class that they think shows this character trait to receive an award for that month. I have chosen Kate to receive the Gratitude Character Trait Award because there is just nobody else in our class that deserves it more than she does. She is always showing her appreciation, saying thank you, and does things for others when she doesn’t have to.  I love that she does things for others without expecting anything in return and even when they have not necessarily done anything for her, just simply because she wants to make others feel good. She is just amazing! So, she does NOT know that she will receive this award, it will be a special surprise in the morning at Good Morning Hosp. I wanted to let y’all know so that you could come if you were able to and see her get this award tomorrow morning. If you are not able to make it, let me know, and I will get a picture of her to send you. So lucky to have her!!!

Have a great night!

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