Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Randomness

Here are some random phone pics from the month of October.

Brynlee's new strider bike.  After telling us, "I'll never ever ride that bike" she's doing great on it!

2 cuties pies.  They usually ask to "take something" whenever we get in the car. 


Ginny with Camryn and Reid...

Birthday party fun!

Celebrating Pierce turning 5 at Gattitown!

Camryn's 1st meal of only table food...avocado, cheese, and black beans.  She's going to have to like Mexican food to survive in this family.  And most of the time I try to contain her crazy hair, but sometimes it gets away from me.  Sorry sweet girl.

Rainy day fun with these crazies...

My laundry buddy!

Kate as Queen Esther at Awana Bible Character night. 

Can't believe tomorrow is the last day of October.  This year is flying by.

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