Monday, January 27, 2014

One Year Appt and Compare

Camryn had her 1 year appointment this morning.  As soon as we walked in the room she started crying.  She is going through separation anxiety...when our babysitter comes, when we drop off at church/school, as soon as she sees the teacher she cries for about 5 minutes and then does great.  I am not sure if she thought I was leaving her or if she knew what was coming, but she was NOT a fan.  Everything was great...besides the shots.  She gained 3 lbs and grew 2 inches.  So here's a look at Camryn compared to Kate and Brynlee at 1 year...

Kate at 1 year:

23 lbs 4 oz
31 inches

Brynlee at 1 year:

20 lbs 12 oz
29 inches

Camryn at 1 year:
20 lbs
30 inches

Camryn weighs less than both of them and is still between them in height.  She isn't walking yet and I'm thinking it will be a few more weeks.  She is pulling up and starting to cruise but no official steps.  She has 8 teeth with molars on the way.  I can see them starting to break through.  She's wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes, although she can still fit in some 12 months pants.  She's still a great sleeper...sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am and taking 2 good naps. 

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