Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Home.  It's where we spend most of our time these days.  And I'm not complaining.  I love it.  I love being home with these 3.  I love that this is our last few months before we get on a real school schedule.  I love watching these 3 grow, play, and love each other.  But it's not always easy.  They tease, and fight, and take, and some days are long and hard.  Really long and really hard.  But I know it's worth it...and soon I will look back and miss these "lazy" don't really have anywhere to be days. 

***Kate asked to wear her Thing 1 naturally Brynlee wanted to wear her Thing 2 shirt...and then they wanted Camryn to wear her Thing 3 shirt.  That's how we roll around here...
There's no point in getting anyone dressed until Kate has decided what she's wearing.  Sometimes Brynlee wants to match...sometimes she doesn't.  But no decision can be made until we all know what Kate is wearing.  This includes pajamas too.  It's cute...and exhausting.

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