Sunday, April 13, 2014

This week in phone pics...

Kate, "Look Mommy, I'm Parker!!!"  She thinks this is soooo funny!

This one leaves a path of destruction wherever she goes...

Kate found a ladybug!

Brynlee loves Hidden Pictures.  

And Kate LOVES to "help" whether she likes it or not...

Parker and I celebrated 9 years of marriage this week.  Love this guy so much!

Princess night at AWANAS!  (Kate hurt her toe and asked to ride in the stroller on the way in...dramatic much?)

Waiting for me to come back up the stairs...

She's standing more and more.  And has taken some steps. 

Parker surprised me Saturday with a day and night in Dallas.  CC came in to keep the girls so we could get away for my birthday.  We went to the Perot Museum, ate dinner at Stampede 66 with the McCords, and stayed at the W.  Such a fun day.  He did a great job pulling off little surprises the whole day!  He even packed my overnight bag!!!  So fun!

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