Thursday, October 16, 2014


Last Friday Brynlee was invited to a Super Hero birthday party for Graham.  It took some major convincing to get her to wear the super hero cape Ashley made for all the kids.  She told me "boy stuff is boring."  Oh Brynlee...
Then she started calling it her snow white cape. 
This one got to tag along.  And she is CRAZY at the climb up anything, slide down anything, try to go headfirst, probably going to break an arm kind of crazy.  And she doesn't like to all.  So I chased her around for an hour and a half.

She climbed up this thing like a champ....

Blue icing!

I found this gem (and several like it) at JuJu's house.  Pretty sure it was my Halloween costume in the 80s.  The girls loved playing with them all weekend.
I love seeing Kate's writing from school.  (That's Tinkerbell).

Love these thinking bubbles...

Tuesday night was Spirit Night for Hosp.  I had ignored EVERY notice about this because Parker had to work late and I didn't want to take all 3 out to eat on a school night by myself.  Well, Kate came home wearing a sticker and said, "We have to eat here tonight."  I gently told her that it probably wasn't going to happen and she FELL APART.  "MY WHOLE CLASS IS GOING TO BE THERE.  MS. MURRAY IS SERVING ROLLS FROM 5 TO 5:30."  So, guess who ended up eating at Spring Creek.  Before we left they brought this picture to our table.  Ha!
During Game time at Awana, Kate's class played Tug of War.  It was hilarious and competitive!  And Kate's team won several times. 
She got the pin to help her team win! 

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  1. Ha! Ha! McKenna won't swing either. Ever. For even a minute.