Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pumpkin Pics

The girls and I went to Shreveport this weekend while Parker and his friends stayed at our house for the OU/TX game.  My sister and her kids came in too.  Our original plan was to go to a Pumpkin Farm but it rained ALL DAY Saturday.  So we had a change of plans.  We ended up going to a Pumpkin Patch at a local church when it finally cleared up.  The girls and Nate didn't know the difference.  We took a few pictures, they picked out pumpkins, and they loved running around outside for a little bit.

Sweet Nathan...he is SOOOO outnumbered!
 Camryn checking out the "apples."  Sweet girl. 

 Brynlee Bear!

 Attempts at all 3...

 Brynlee has the "Chander Bing" smile...

I mean, she NAILED it!


 Watson kiddos.  Nathan kept trying to eat the pumpkins.  It was hilarious!
Cousin pics...

 As good as it gets with 6 kids 6 and under...

 JuJu and PaPa T and their grands...

 2 headed scarecrow...

 Love these crazy girls!

 All the girls wore their Tinkerbell PJs from JuJu!

Fun weekend in Shreveport!

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