Friday, October 31, 2014

Well Checks

Wednesday morning we had Kate's 6 year old well check and Brynlee's 4 year old well check.  Both girls are healthy and GROWING...for that we are so thankful!  BUT, the 4 year appt is TERRIBLE!  We decided not to tell Brynlee about the shots until the very last minute (right before the nurse came back in to give her the shots).  We had even bribed Kate NOT TO TALK about the shots or ask any questions.  Brynlee was a champ but those shots are NO FUN!  This post has no pictures because I was consoling a sweet 4 year old pretty much all day.  She showed EVERYONE her band-aids and basically did as little walking as possible all day because her legs were "broken" and "hurting." 

Anyway, we all (barely) survived. 

Here are their stats:

57 lbs and 50.8 inches tall.
Sweet girl is still off the charts in height!

39.8 lbs and 42 inches tall.
She is 79% in weight and 89% in height!

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