Saturday, March 7, 2015

New beds!

Today we did the bed switcharoo for one last time!

We converted the crib into a Full Bed for Brynlee.  She got new Kitty sheets and was THRILLED!
And Camryn moved from the crib to the Trundle bed. 
And since we gave Kate's Hot Pink Quilt to Brynlee, Kate got a new quilt. 

I was a little nervous about moving Camryn out of the crib.  Everytime we talked about a big girl bed she would say, "I sleep in the crib."  And today as we moved Brynlee's old bed into her room she kept saying, "That's Brynlee's bed."  But tonight when we told her to go get in bed, she climbed right in and laid down.  We told her tears, no getting out, no issues!  And she's asleep now!  Let's hope it stays this way!!
And for the 1st time in 6 1/2 years, there is no crib in our house.  Not sure whether to celebrate or cry!

And just for fun...Brynlee's and Kate's 1st nights in there big girl beds...

Here are a few more pictures of the girls new rooms:

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