Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Phone pics

Camryn has a new cheese smile...

My Friday lunch buddies. 

Trampoline jumping with this cutie!

JuJu sent this to the girls!!!  They loved it!  Rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten is Bryn's dream animal!


And then there is the Brynlee Bear!

Kate is my planner and list maker.  Her new thing is to make a list of what we are doing on Saturdays. She needs a plan...like her momma!

Kate's list "day list"
Movie, game, video game, play with my sisters and mommy and daddy, basketball. 
Mommy's list. Go to store with Camryn, laundry
Daddy's list. Golf balls, lesson, basketball. 

Camryn begged to sit in the big part of the cart at the store. 

And Kate did everything on her list...

Love my Saturday's with these 4!

Bundled up to get Kate from school...is it spring yet?

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